Shown at 'Frankenstein 2018'

Bower Ashton Library, University of West England, Bristol Feb 2019

Laser and hand-cut pergamenata paper and hand sewn linen and silk thread

Frankenstein UWE

HANDS OF PROMETHEUS .1. contains the hand- embriodered structural formulas of 22 amino acids

HANDS OF PROMETHEUS .2. contains the hand- embroidered chemical symbols of the 22 pesticides most commonly applied to apple crops.

Technological developments permeate all areas of our lives and inform how we engage with our environment. Humans appear to be unbinding the codex of life and are synthesising the chemical and molecular structures that form the life around and within us. This dialogue between the natural world and manmade synthetic structures will continue to evolve.

These artists books consider these issues through the study of the handedness and chirality of molecular science and human creativity. They are bound in a novel way and the openess of the binding allows them to take multiple forms.

Chirality is a property of asymmetry important in several branches of science

Liverpool Book Arts